Republic of Rwanda Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Strategic Policies

The government of Rwanda, in its desire to attain development objectives as spelt out in the country’s Vision 2020,  has embarked on a strategic planning program using Sector Wide Approach (SWAP), which allows all partners involved in a given sector to coordinate their efforts in order to realize objectives set in common consent.

The action of the sector of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation is mainly in the area of the reinforcement of peace, security and good governance on one hand and the creation of wealth on the other hand.  The mission which the Government of Rwanda has assigned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation is:

“To elaborate strategies and programmes, whose objectives are to implement, monitor and evaluate Rwanda’s foreign policy as well as to clearly articulate this policy both inside and outside the country”

For important policies of the Government of the Republic of Rwanda, please download:


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