"A Rwanda that is politically economically harmoniously integrated in a peaceful and prosperous Region, Continent and the world”


“To elaborate strategies and programmers, whose objectives are to implement, monitor and evaluate Rwanda’s foreign policy as well as to clearly articulate this policy both inside and outside the country”


Contributing to the elaboration of Rwanda’s foreign policy;

Promoting good relations based on respect, mutual interests and complementarity between Rwanda and other countries, aiming at enhancing peace, security and development;

Strengthening the bilateral relations, extending them to countries having no historical relations with Rwanda;

Promoting and protecting the interests of Rwanda along with those of the Rwandans Living Abroad(RCA)/Diaspora;

Mobilizing and attracting foreign investments into Rwanda, and making arrangements for Rwandan products to access foreign markets;

Mobilizing Rwandans living abroad and getting them involved in their country’s development;

Mobilizing bilateral and multilateral cooperation for the sake of development through re-invigorating good relations with other countries, regional and international organizations;

Make arrangements and canvas for negotiations pertaining to bilateral and multilateral agreements;

Conduct a follow-up of the implementation, the evaluation and updating of bilateral and multilateral agreements;

Supervise and coordinate the activities of Rwandan diplomatic and consular missions abroad;

Develop and keep up good working relations with the foreign diplomatic and consular missions, regional and international organizations accredited in Rwanda;

Present a positive image of Rwanda in such a way as to correct the outside world’s wrong perception of the unity and history of the Rwandan people, this being a die-hard colonial legacy;

Contribute to the efforts of the international community in combating terrorism;

Promote the human rights and, in particular, combat genocide and other crimes against humanity;

Contribute to the creation of wealth through the promotion of regional integration and equitable world trade.